This stuff really works

It repels moth. The population of moths has gone way down in the three weeks since I starting using your product. Thank You

- Leigh Harvey, Plymouth

Perfect Solution!

From 30 mole hills to ZERO in 1 day, unbelievable, excellent dealer

- Tim Weaver

Products that I can always trust

I have over 30 customers that use my service to protect their landscaping from rabbit damage. I have been using Animal Away plus for over months; it’s the one that I can always trust

- Charles, Aberdeen

Works Instantly

Your Bird Chaser works instantly. Thank You so much!!!  I have told all my friends and everyone else I know about

Margaret Flanagan, Kingston

Surprise Results from Your Mosquito Repeller

I just wanted to say how wonderful Mosquito Repeller is.Twice I tried some electronic mosquito repellents in Africa. My whole body was covered with mosquito bites and I have been a sceptic ever since. Well, I didn’t expect much success from your Mosquito Repeller EM216, but after following your instructions I was completely amazed to find that it really does work! I have recommended this product to all of my friends that travel to malaria ridden countries. Thank you for a great product and rare truth in advertising

Kathleen, Glasgow

Won’t buy any other Mole Chaser

Your product is wonderful. It really works! This is the best product for getting rid of moles. I will not buy any other mole chaser

Dave Sullivan, Wolverhampton

Great Customer Service!!

When dealing with this company, I received the BEST customer service I’ve honestly ever had, not to mention their selection of great quality products!!! I highly recommend them to anyone who is in any doubt of doing business with this company.Thumbs up to you Elyon Pest Control…keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous, London

Highly recommended

Hi Mr Johnson, This is a testimonial we would like to add to your website but even if it is not published, we would like you to keep up the good work! We had several encounters with foxes and cats invading our garden. This was very frightening. None of my family members could go out into the garden for fear of these animals. This exasperated my wife so much that she intends to buy poisons to eliminate these animals. We contacted a pest repellent company and purchased their products, we noticed a difference for just one night and the following day, these stupid animals returned. It seems they developed resistance to the product and one thing that truly wonders me is what they are looking for in our garden. We found your Animal Away Plus on google, visited your website, reluctantly purchased one and used it. Astonishingly, since the first day of use up till now, our garden is completely fox and cat free at last. We can’t express how much we appreciate your quick delivery, professionalism, product quality and efficiency. We know that we will never have to worry about this happening again and won’t hesitate to recommend Elyon Pest Control to anyone

Matt, Cardiff

Very good product

Your Motor Molechaser is a very good product that produced noticeable result within a short period of time. As a landscaper and gardener, I have never come across an electronic molechaser with such quality and with a low price compared with other mole chasing devices

Hristo, Birmingham

Poor little mice

Poor little mice! They just scampered at the plug of it. I tested the sound of the Attack Wave Pestrepeller myself and imagine what the mice heard. I swear by it, I am a great believer

Tina, Chester

The most effective Pest Repellent I have ever found

I have tried just about every repellent made.  As I did more research, without question, Duo Pro Pest repellent is the most effective I have found. We began using the product to keep rats, spiders and other pests away from our pantry couple of weeks ago and up till now there are no cobwebs. Amazing! The rats are gone as well but I am only worried about my neighbours maybe rats have found refuge in their pantry

David, Ballymena

Fixed a huge bats problem in a week

We have had a bats problem in this area ever since I was a little girl. People are used to them anyway. They foul the area and some of our neighbours hunt them for food. Sorry to include this but it is real. I started a restaurant and many of my customers won’t buy food from me because they are concerned about the health hazard these bats posed since my restaurant is situated here. Fortunately, my cousinwho resides in the UK recommended your Ultrasonic Animal Away to me. I purchased 3 and put them on the trees behind my restaurant. Wow, no more bats within a week. This is like magic. My customers are no longer worried about the hygiene condition of my restaurant. Great product

Ayan, Nairobi

Astounding results!

There is a reliability and confidence level with your product when it is used. Our customer callback for landscape and garden damage due to animals has dramatically decreased. Unlike other products, I have used Animal Away Plus with the astounding result and look forward to our continued use in the future

Chris, York

We effectively repelled a huge population of birds. Thanks!

We have tried all of the products to repel birds, and by far, the best is Bird Chaser. We are able to have a worry-free wheat farm despite very high bird populations. To me, this has rendered the scarecrow obsolete

Mike, Rochester

This is revolutionary!

It’s something close to a miracle. After ordering your Mosquito Nets for distribution to my local orphanage, I was tempted to try your electronic mosquito repeller. Initially, I combined using the net and the device together as I wasn’t convinced of its effectiveness but there was a day my son went to the toilet and left our bed opened without proper net covering. The next day, we realise there was no bite despite what happened. I personally tried to sleep without the net one day and got no mosquito bite. This is surprising! I have recommended using both the net and your mosquito repeller simultaneously for maximum eradication of mosquito bite. This is revolutionary! This non-believer has been converted

Ibrahim, Sokoto - Nigeria

Exclusive product. We Would continue to use it!

Last December we began using Mole Chaser consistently and exclusively, as a result, our gardens have continued in beautiful bloom, completely undiminished by damage from moles. We will continue to use year-round to protect and preserve our beautiful gardens inherited from my grandfather

Ian, Leeds

I am very satisfied

I am a very satisfied customer. Elyon Pest Control has such a working variety of repellents. I must say, it’s mine and my husband’s favourite online store for repellents! Great prices and products

Charlotte, Bolton

Tested and verified

I Bought EM977 for a friend who already has one & reckons its excellent. Thanx

- Graham, Saxmundham-Suffolk


Makes tiny noise that may bother some people. It really works but you have to make a choice – Get bitten or Bear the tiny noise! Recommended

Naveed, Stirling-Scotland

Works like a charm

The EM977 Dogchaser is a very good item. Worked perfectly fine

Kevin, Grimston-Norfolk