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 Human Repellents (Mini Alarm)






Mini Alarm EM5



Product Name: Mini Alarm  

Model number: EM5 

The unit is a Passive Infra-Red sensor alarm which provides reliable detection 24 hours a day providing security, safety and convenience.



  • Reliable Passive Infra-Red detector with a solid state door bell and alarm sound
  • Can be easily installed on a wall or ceiling or simply placed on a desk top
  • Powered by a 9V alkaline battery or 9V DC adaptor.
  • Unit can be easily adjusted and aimed to accommodate almost any location
  • 8 meter range with 120 detection angle.
  • Plug and wires supplied to connect to a push button as door bell unit



  • 1 pieces 9V battery
  • Standby current 0.045mA
  • Exit delay 15 seconds
  • Siren duration 45 seconds
  • Dimension: 49mm x 41mm x 85mm
  • Weight = 70g (main unit)



 Mini Alarm EM2



Product Name: Mini Alarm 

Model number: EM2 

Steady quality, reliable performance PIR MINI ALARM is of two modes:

CHIME-motion detected will activate ding-dong sound

ALARM- it provides and 30 sec. siren alarm when detects intrusion. Range up to 10M at 130 degrees.