.....EM987BF Bird Away

 EM987BF Bird Away


Product Name: Bird Away

Model Number: EM987BF


High quality PIR Ultrasonic Bird Repeller can keep Birds out of your garden.

EM987BF Bird Away repeller is a pioneering new method of combining PIR (Passive Infrared detecting system) and ultrasonic sound waves to detect and keep stray birds from perching on your garden fence, flower beds etc

Its also deters potential animal pests from entering your property.


Bird Away Repeller provides a convenient, non-location limited, effective and humane way to deter unwanted birds and other animals out of your garden, lawn and yard without harming them.

Application:  Deters birds, Animals etc



  • Not location limited 
  • Bird Away is battery operated 
  • Inaudible to human 
  • Harmless to animals 
  • Weather proof 
  • Eco friendly Environmentally friendly ( no chemicals) 
  • Easily mounted on walls, posts, trees, fence etc



  • Dimensions: 110 x 100 x 95mm

  • Weight: 255g (main module + shelter)

  • Power Supply: 9V (2 x 9V Alkaline Battery)

  • Protection Coverage: up to 85 Square Meters, fan shaped area of 70 degrees horizontal, 9 degrees (vertical) at a distance of 12 meters