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 Electronic Bird Chaser



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Product name: Electronic Bird Chaser 


Model number: EM2001 


Nature dictates that certain predatory species of birds hunt and feed on other animal species. Among birds, these predatory habits are especially notable in hawks and owls. Most hawks and owls prey mainly on rats, mice, rabbits, birds and other vertebrate animals. Among birds, the true predators are mostly in the Falcon family, Hawk family and Owl family.


Exploiting these predatory tendencies, the BIRDCHASER will produce the predatory calls on the hawk (eagle), falcon and owl species to scare unwelcome birds such as sparrows, blackbirds, pigeons, crows, starlings and various other birds away from your property


This humane and environment-friendly method will solve your pest bird problem without harm to humans and other creatures. In addition, it can also deter open field rodents and rabbits. 


With the PIR function, the BIRDCHASER can be used as a special security device.  It will sense any intruder's movement and activate the BIRDCHASER. A volume adjustment knob is available.


Moreover, the user may choose to use the AUTO function where a 5-30 minutes time interval may be set for the SONIC BIRDCHASER to operate automatically. Finally, the SONIC BIRDCHASER has a sensor that allows it to operate only in the daytime, during which birds are active, to conserve the power.



Birds Affected

These include Sparrow, Blackbird, Pigeon, Crow, Starling and other pest birds etc.



Bird Chaser is easily installed to protect farms, yards, gardens, landscapes, airport runways and any other properties.



  • PIR function allows smaller area protection
  • AUTO function with 5-30 minutes interval for large protection
  • Built-in photocell disables the device when it is dark
  • PIR function offers a daytime security to alert the possible intrusion
  • Sounds of hawks and owls may scare outdoor rats, mice, rabbits
  • TIME INTERVAL adjustment to control the sound emission
  • Special IC chip recording of actual predatory calls of hawks, falcons and owls
  • Built-in volume adjustment




  • Power supply: 100-120VAC, 50/60 cycles
  • Adapter: 220-240VAC, 50/60 cycles
  • Output: 12VDC
  • Sound: Digital recording of hawks, falcons and owls
  • Protection Coverage: up to 1 acre (when VOLUME knob turned to maximum)
  • PIR function: Fan shaped area of 130 degree, distance up to 30ft