Pest Repeller with Electromagnetic Technology



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- The Pest Reject 3-in-1 Pest Repeller


- The Ultimate 5-in-1 Pest Repeller



Electromagnetic Pest Control is the latest technology in the field of pest control options. The technology has generated tremendous results and rave reviews in the pest Control sphere. The device produced using the technology uses the wiring within the walls, turning your whole house, office, property, warehouse, shed, store, barn into a giant Pest Repeller.



Electromagnetic Pest Control utilizes your wiring by simply sending a electromagnetic wave signal through the wire, more than strong enough to irritate the Nervous system of any nuisance pest in your property.



This technology will not affect humans, pets or electronics and doesn't increase your wiring's own electromagnetic energy - it simply changes the frequency to target small Pests like insects, rodents, reptiles like wall gecko and arachnids like scorpions which easily pick up the changes in the electromagnetic frequencies. The signal is turned on and off every few seconds so the Pests can't build up a tolerance.



Insects communicate through vibrations. Electromagnetic Pest Control vibrations communicate to the pests, disturbing their receptors and making them feel they are in a hostile area where they are not welcome.




As a result, device drives them out for good!




Electromagnetic Pest Control confuses pests Making it difficult or impossible for them to gather food, breed and build their nests, or communicate with each other.

Rodents will notice something different about their environment and will feel uneasy and avoid areas where your Electromagnetic Pest Control is working.