Mosquito Traps Mechanics








What is photo catalyst mosquito killer?

Photo catalyst mosquito killer is a device that display features and emits substance that attracts mosquito to its victim e.g human being, livestock etc. This same features and substance attracts other flying insect to the device. It releases a certain amount of CO2, moisture and some heat to lure mosquitoes and insects and thus kill them. It is environmental friendly and non hazardous to public health. Absolutely eco-friendly!




Working principle

It adopts photo catalyst technology. By using ultraviolet rays irradiation on titanium dioxide coating(TiO2), it produces active photo catalyst and hydrogen radicals(-OH) which has strong oxidizing power to damage bacterial cell, inhibit virus activity, meanwhile releases proper carbon dioxide and moisture to decompose harmful matter in the air, and the final residues is just a small certain of carbon dioxide and water. While the process of disinfecting and deodorizing is on-going, mosquitoes are lured by the moist carbon dioxide like the breath of human beings. This stimulates mosquito's sense nerve; also mosquitoes are attracted by UV-light of wave length of about 365nm. This is exactly what mosquito likes. Besides, mosquitoes are attracted by the smell of attractants. Lastly, the mosquitoes are sucked and caught into a net by the strong swirled wind, where the mosquitoes are dehydrated to die. 



  • Classical design, implicates traditional Chinese culture.
  • V-shape and automatic open-close mosquito escape-defence unit keeps mosquito can not fly out.
  • Ecological TiO2 mosquito killer, no smoke, no smell, environmental friendly, low power consumption.
  • High efficiency, with an area of over 60 covering.
  • Strong and powerful fan, easy to suck the flying insects into the machine, which will be dehydrated within 2 hours.