......EM217 Mosquito Trap, Killer, Exterminator etc


Model: EM217

Product: Mosquito Trap



Flying insect affected: Mosquitos, Black flies, no-see-ums, biting midges, other insects etc




  • Apartments, houses, supermarkets, basements, garages, any indoors
  • Patios, Porches
  • Garden, Lawn and Yards
  • Any place with accessible electricity





  • High efficiency, low power consumption
  • Specially designed container to lock the trapped flying insects in
  • Intelligent operation modes; ON/OFF/AUTO
  • SWITCH MODES: OFF: Power off, ON: Power on (devices operating all the time): AUTO: device automically on when its dark, off during daytime
  • Built-in sensor for device operating at AUTO mode
  • No poison, no chemicals, no refilling, no pollution
  • Easy installation, easy maintenance
  • Long life span of UV LED and high efficient fan up to 50,000 hours