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How to use the device effectively 

A long lasting result is achieved when elimination of mosquito breeding site is conducted while using our device.

Protect your space by simply clipping the device to your clothing or backpack. You may also simply stand Mosquito Repellents on desks or hang on walls. The effective range is between 1-5 square meters or 5-12 square meters approximately depending on the frequency of sound and the model in use.

Push on the power button you will hear a sound which shows the unit is in operation. Push off the power button after use. The sound will be stopped immediately.

To eliminate mosquito breeding site, one must locate and eliminate standing or stagnant water. Typical actions include:


  1. Remove old tires, tin cans, buckets, glass jars, broken toys, and water-catching objects
  2. Check rain barrels for mosquito larvae. A tight cover will prevent laying of eggs. A thin layer of oil will kill mosquitoes already present.
  3. Keep swimming pools covered when not in use. For pools in use, the filtering action should eliminate mosquitoes. Small wading pools provide excellent breeding places. Change the water in wading pools frequently.
  4. Change water in bird baths by flushing with a hose at least once a week.
  5. Fill tree holes with sand or cement or drill holes to allow drainage.
  6. Examine rain gutters to see that water runs freely; remove leaves that may block water flow.
  7. If you have a flat roof, check for standing water several days after a rain.
  8. Check flower pots and drain for excess water.
  9. Ponds with fish are not a problem, since fish feed on wrigglers and tumblers. Dense vegetation prevents fish from finding the mosquitoes. Clean out vegetation, particularly from pond edges.


The most effective way to control mosquitoes is to eliminate standing water that serves as prime breeding areas. Excluding mosquitoes from the house is necessary also and our Electronic mosquito control devices will do the job.